The best solution for measuring value-based ACO performance

SPH understands the role of risk sharing in the value-based healthcare environment. It is important to us to understand the ways we can help our ACO clients by offering the most relevant tools for meeting regulatory performance requirements. SPH is paying close attention the MACRA process to be sure any regulations including CAHPS for ACO survey data will be available to our CAHPS for ACO clients.


The CAHPS Survey for ACOs

The CAHPS® Survey for ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) collects data from Accountable Care Organizations to measure the required patient experience-of-care measures in Next Generation and Pioneer ACO models and the Shared Savings Program. The annual CAHPS for ACOs survey asks patients about the aspects of their care which are identified as being important to them. SPH Analytics then submits the result of the survey on behalf of your group. Survey results can be used to identify performance opportunities within your organization for most impact on outcomes and maximum financial benefits.

Let SPH be your CAHPS for ACOs survey resource.

CAHPS® is a registered trademark of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

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