Endoscopy Survey

SPH Analytics’ Endoscopy Survey provides valuable patient feedback for GI Centers across the nation. We understand the unique requirements of an endoscopy facility. Our standard survey benchmarks your facility to compare national metrics for similar facilities while allowing for customization to reflect any requirements unique or of particular interest to your organization.

SPH Analytics offers a wide range of products and solutions that help healthcare organizations improve overall performance. With a client base that spans across the continuum of care in all fifty states, and the trusted partnership of many prestigious health plans, providers, management groups, and consultants, SPH Analytics has helped thousands of health plans and healthcare providers become top performers.

SPH Analytics specializes in member and patient care solutions, helping you manage patient perceptions, meet regulatory requirements, and improve the quality of healthcare one patient at a time.

Learn why we hundreds of facilities currently use SPH Analytics to measure performance for their GI patients.

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