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CAHPS Certified Vendor SealSPH Analytics has more than 24 years of experience and expertise in conducting healthcare surveys. As an NCQA-certified HEDIS® CAHPS® survey vendor since the program’s inception, we deliver exceptional value and insights based on two decades of experience.

Are You Gaining the Maximum Value from CAHPS?

When you partner with SPH Analytics for your CAHPS Surveys, you get much more than the standard mandated survey administration. In addition to complete management of the survey process and requirements, we become your partner in quality improvement. We go the extra mile to give you and your team the resources and guidance you need to meet both internal goals and external reporting and compliance requirements.

We Focus on Your Needs and Goals

At SPH Analytics, we focus on your specific needs and goals with:

  • Account Project Managers committed to building a strong relationship with each client to better understand your specific needs and meet your objectives
  • Ongoing support, communication, and resources throughout your project administration
  • In-depth and comprehensive online survey reporting and analysis with user-friendly dashboards and actionable insights
  • Communication and checkpoints throughout the survey administration and reporting

Your Resource for Information and Best Practices

SPH Analytics provides meaningful information and resources based on our extensive experience and research including:

  • CAHPS Book of Business benchmark and analysis highlighting market trends, insights, and recommendations
  • Information about best practices from research studies, white papers, blogs, and articles
  • Educational webinars and client training to keep you informed and prepared
  • Industry experts who stay abreast of regulatory requirements and best practices to keep our clients informed and prepared to meet evolving healthcare requirements

SPH Celebrates 20 years conducing CAHPS

Added Value and Insights

SPH provides several opportunities to gain additional value and insight from CAHPS Surveys. Our representatives work with you to determine your goals and help you to gain maximum value from your CAHPS Surveys.

SPH’s CAHPS Book of Business

SPH conducts the CAHPS Survey for health plans throughout the nation.  We compile the aggregate data into our CAHPS Book of Business Report, allowing our clients to compare their results.

  • SPH’s CAHPS Book of Business report for HEDIS and Medicare CAHPS provides an immediate, useful benchmark to compare your results with other health plans
  • SPH’s benchmarks closely match NCQA and CMS CAHPS results
  • Because we conduct the CAHPS Survey for many health plans across the nation, we are able to analyze aggregate results to provide valuable information and insight

The Power of Augments

SPH can help you increase the research potential of CAHPS by augmenting the sample. This is an effective and economical way to survey additional plan members and obtain more information about your member populations.

  • Health plans may choose to augment their sample by pulling an additional, but separate, random or stratified sample of members
  • For internal purposes only, augments can help determine how certain subsets of the member population, provider network, etc. are performing
  • Survey administration and data collected through an augment sample is managed separately and will not be included in submissions

Important Note: Augmenting the Medicare CAHPS sample using a stratified methodology is not permitted. To measure performance for quality improvement initiatives, SPH recommends fielding our Medicare CAHPS simulation study during the regulatory off-season where you may use a stratified sample of members.

Insightful Reporting and Advanced Analytics

Reporting and analysis are critical components of your CAHPS administration. The power of information lies in the ability to take action based upon your results, so your survey should provide clear, actionable information which helps you identify your plan’s areas of strength, as well as areas for potential improvement.

SPH provides comprehensive analysis of your CAHPS results in a format that is easy to understand and apply to quality improvement measures.

  • Trending: Compare year-over-year performance with SPH’s trending data and analysis to see how your plan has performed in the past and determine where you need to improve in the future
  • Online Reporting and User-Friendly Dashboards: Online reporting and interactive analytics let you view the status of your CAHPS projects and current data including benchmark data, trend data, response rates, etc.
  • Benchmarking: Benchmarking analysis allows your plan to compare results with other plans. SPH provides a robust Book of Business Benchmark to give clients insight into their overall performance in the industry
  • Segmentation: Segmentation allows plans to examine results by subsets of respondents such as age, education level, ethnicity, health status, number of doctor or clinic visits, and survey disposition
  • Additional Reporting: During the contracting phase, SPH can work with you to determine if additional reporting is needed based on your plan’s specific requirements

Performance Improvement Consulting Services

SPH offers optional CAHPS Consulting Services to help plans understand their CAHPS results and develop improvement initiatives based on survey data. We can assist in developing action plans for increased performance, enhanced consumer satisfaction, and improved scores and ratings.

Your Partner in Quality

We invite you to partner with SPH Analytics to gain the maximum value and insights from your CAHPS Surveys.

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