Predictive Clinical Analytics

Decades of data provide insight for today’s patients

By identifying high-risk patients, prioritizing their treatment options, and engaging patients, IndiGO predictive clinical analytics enables healthcare delivery organizations to manage risk, improve outcomes, and lower costs.

IndiGO (Individualized Guidelines and Outcomes) uses more than two decades of collective patient data to help providers engage their highest-risk patients in improving their health and well-being.

Reduce health risks, improve outcomes, and lower costs

IndiGO calculates the patient’s potential health risks for adverse health events such as heart attack, stroke, and the onset of diabetes. The application gives patients a visual reference of physician recommendations and displays the measurable impact specific interventions would have on reducing their risk.

Personalized care reports allow physicians to engage the patients and help them develop a realistic action plan that results in improved health outcomes and lower costs. IndiGO is easy for physicians to use and incorporate into their daily workflow.


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