What is MATa?


SPH Analytics uses a formula of Measure, Analyze, and Take action. We are committed to this formula because we believe this is how to create meaningful improvements in healthcare. When you work with SPH Analytics (SPHA), you’re likely to see the MATa formula in our products and our actions. This is how it works:

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SPHA collects EMR, clinical, claims, survey, and other available data needed to understand your organization. We measure data through a variety of methods:





Once your data is measured, SPHA provides reports that help you understand your performance. All of our products give an overall analysis of the measured data. These high-level views help you understand survey results, organization performance, risk-stratified groups, and other performance areas.

Our action analytics allow healthcare professionals to see data at more granular levels. Segmented patient populations can be analyzed to show patients who are out of range of recommended care based on current professional society guidelines. Health plans can quickly identify employer groups whose outreach initiatives can improve reported performance. Action analytics are designed to be used on an on-going basis, not just before submission or reporting. Analytics are presented with an easy-to-use interface and intuitive dashboard that makes understanding the data easy for all users.


Take action



Take action is your role in the MATa formula. SPHA measures your data and provides analytics that highlight areas for improvement and help guide the action you take to improve outcomes and performance. Continual monitoring of analytics allows you to see the impact of performance improvement goals and adjust as needed in advance of submission or reporting requirements.

The best way to see the results of MATa is to apply the formula to your organization. Trust us to Measure and Analyze your performance and provide you the information you need to Take action for improvement and reporting goals.

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