Medicare CAHPS Survey

SPH Analytics is a CMS-approved Medicare CAHPS® Survey provider with extensive experience surveying the Medicare population on behalf of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans. Medicare Advantage plans throughout the nation depend on us to manage their Medicare CAHPS Survey and provide insightful analysis to identify areas for potential quality improvement.

Trusted Standards of Excellence

At SPH, our processes undergo rigorous audits, and all functions are performed by highly trained and qualified staff members. Mail processing, survey scanning, phone outreach, survey collection, and in-depth analysis are all conducted onsite with comprehensive auditing and oversight. We adhere to high standards of quality to provide exceptional client service and satisfaction.

SPH clients receive innovative online reporting and insightful analysis of Medicare CAHPS Survey results in an easy-to-understand format. We empower plans with the information needed to make targeted and measurable improvements.

Medicare CAHPS Survey Design and Objectives

The Medicare CAHPS Survey is designed to assess members’ experiences and satisfaction with their health plan based on services received and quality of care provided.

The Medicare CAHPS Survey composite measures below are used for public reporting purposes:

  • Access to care
  • Doctor and office communication
  • Getting needed prescriptions and related information (MA-PD and PDP)
  • Member rating of plan care quality

Some of these measures are included in the Medicare Star Rating calculations, while others are considered “display measures” (publicly reported but do not count towards Star Ratings).

Partner with Experts

Partner with SPH for the experience and industry knowledge health plans need when choosing a reliable survey vendor.

  • CMS-approved Medicare CAHPS Survey provider
  • Onsite oversight of all aspects of the survey administration
  • Insightful analysis to identify improvement opportunities
  • Experience and expertise reaching and surveying the Medicare population
  • Ongoing resources and guidance

SPH Analytics delivers reliable survey administration, valid results, and insightful analysis to help plans improve performance, scores/ratings, and member satisfaction.

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