Provider Satisfaction Survey


Measures Physician and Practice Manager Satisfaction with the Plan

Provider satisfaction is vital for today’s health plans. Provider satisfaction can be closely linked to member satisfaction and overall perception of health plan performance.

SPH Analytics conducts the Health Plan Provider Satisfaction Survey to assess the provider’s and practice manager’s overall satisfaction with the health plan. The survey is designed to compel physicians and office managers to complete the survey which provides valuable feedback to the health plan.

In developing the Health Plan Provider Satisfaction Survey, SPH Analytics conducted extensive research into the components impacting provider satisfaction. We also facilitated focus groups and in-depth interviews with physicians and office managers.

SPH Analytics administers the survey through various methods and employs reliable sampling methodologies. We also offer the option to share survey results with providers, which can increase physician cooperation.

Provider Satisfaction Surveys can be challenging for plans to administer. However, SPH Analytics has the experience and expertise to help plans effectively navigate this process. SPH Analytics helps increase physician response rates with a well-designed survey that asks relevant questions. 

The Health Plan Provider Satisfaction Survey:

  • Measures physician satisfaction with the plan
  • Identifies factors impacting physician satisfaction and loyalty to the plan
  • Provides the opportunity to compare overall physician satisfaction with other plans
  • Employs methods to improve physician response rates

Let SPH be your resource for the Provider Satisfaction survey.

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