MIPS Reporting and Quality Measures Improvement Solution

SPH Analytics’ QCDR solution (QCDR PlusTM) is more than just a reporting submission tool. It is a foundational platform to prepare your organization for value-based care and maximizing payments from all payers.

For CMS MIPS reporting, QCDR Plus can help you monitor and improve quality measures throughout the year and help you to determine the most suitable for submission to maximize your MIPS score. QCDR Plus will:

  • Calculate performance on the entire measure library
  • Enable you to select favorite measures to monitor
  • Automatically recommend the best measures for CMS submission

Over time the use of a QCDR and enhanced visibility into the EHR data can lead to improved data capture and documentation, thus leading to improved quality measure performance.

Submissions and Bonus Points

SPH can submit data for the MIPS Quality and Improvement Activities categories and earn bonus points in the Advancing Care Information category.

QCDR Plus measures performance across all payers for a single quality improvement platform. Additional measure libraries for payer contract management are available for custom build.

Reduce Administrative Workload

Our streamlined solution alleviates administrative burden on your practice and manages the CMS submission process for you.

SPH’s QCDR Plus is designed to minimize administrative burden and overhead, so you can monitor quality measure performance without manual data entry or additional staffing needs. Once the initial data mapping is complete, automated data extraction refreshes your quality measure performance without staff participation.

How does a QCDR work?

For MIPS quality reporting, clients determine data submission type (either registry measures or eCQMs) based on available data collected in the EHR. Relevant data required to calculate quality measures will be extracted from the database that stores the EHR data on a regular basis. It is stored in our secure Population Care data warehouse. Quality measure performance calculations and benchmark comparisons are updated and viewed on a web-based dashboard. Numerator, denominator, exclusions and patient list drill down capabilities can help target quality improvement and close care gaps. Each authorized user is given secure access to the dashboard with login credentials. For those providers and/or groups that require CMS submission, additional data validation steps, TIN/NPI attestations and results sign-off is conducted prior to data submission.

SPH has worked successfully with a number of cloud-based EHR vendors. We can also work with any new vendors as needed for a successful implementation.

Partner with a Trusted Leader

SPH Analytics has almost 25 years of experience driving quality program success. We have the experience and expertise clients trust for continual performance improvement.


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