Population Engage™ | Experience Solutions

SPH Analytics empowers healthcare organizations the ability to connect with patients and members through multiple-channel patient engagement and outreach programs that measure experiences and perceptions, analyze results, and identify targeted action plans for improvement.

SPH helps health providers connect and engage with patients/members through mail, email, and healthcare call center outreach to:

  • Measure member experiences and perceptions
  • Analyze results
  • Provide valuable insights
  • Develop target action plans for measurable improvement

SPH offers a holistic approach to achieving the triple aim by identifying care gaps, conducting patient/member engagement and outreach, and closing these care gaps through personalized patient and member engagement.

Contact SPH Analytics to learn more about our outreach and engagement programs. We become your partner in quality improvement, going the extra mile to give your organization the resources and guidance it needs to improve the quality of care, enhance the patient/member experience, and reduce costs to meet the triple aim.

Improving the individual experience of care with: