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The “voice of the customer” is a crucial contribution to the success of any business – whether that voice is a critical or favorable one. Listen to your patients'/members' experience with you; their access to healthcare, their impression of your staff communication, and their likelihood to recommend your organization. Let SPH Analytics drive improvement in your organization through CAHPS® regulatory surveys and insightful market research.

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What does it all mean? The key is in the numbers – the facts and figures that, when compiled and benchmarked by SPH Analytics, present an accurate and insightful picture of your patient's/member's experience. How are you trending? How do you compare to your competition? Is your continuous improvement continuously improving? With analytics that find the "Aha!" moments, you get a complete snapshot of how you’re doing … and with the numbers to back it up.

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    Keeping your patients actively engaged in their own health is perhaps the greatest contribution to today’s goal of value-based care. SPH Analytics’ omni-channel outreach connects with your patients to keep them updated with important preventative events that help close up any care gaps, assist with appointment scheduling, remind them of their medication schedules, and various other pertinent education-infused info that will help them get healthy and stay healthy.

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