Why measure patient experience?

Patient Experience Surveys deliver valuable information that can help Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) improve performance and patient satisfaction. Understanding your patients’ experiences and perceptions is critical for training staff, improving processes, and avoiding adverse events.  In addition, these surveys help ASCs comply with industry accreditation requirements to conduct a patient satisfaction survey. We provide ASCs the tools needed to identify clear internal expectations to optimize patient satisfaction. Our advanced analytics help ASCs identify problem areas and create action plans for improvement.

Why did ASCA choose SPH Analytics?

SPH Analytics was selected by the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) as its Affinity Partner for Patient Experience Surveys.  ASCA conducted a comprehensive evaluation of survey providers and selected SPH Analytics because of our extensive survey expertise with ASCs and HOPDs and a proven history of success with ASCA members to both measure performance and drive sustainable performance improvement. SPH Analytics’ experience and reputation have made us the trusted partner of choice for ASCs throughout the nation.

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