S PH Analytics (SPH) offers the leading healthcare measurement and analytics platform for consumer experience and engagement. Leveraging a foundation of 35 years of healthcare consumer experience data and behavioral patterns, SPH deploys an analytical and predictive approach to measure and report the consumer experience, understand root causes to drive quality improvement and create blueprints for who, how, and when to engage consumers for optimal outcomes.
As the top-ranked patient satisfaction measurement firm for health plans by Modern Healthcare, SPH is the recognized leader in the industry and the only company certified to conduct all CMS- and NCQA-mandated experience surveys. SPH serves health plan and provider clients in all 50 states, reaches out to 92 million consumers annually, and aggregates data into proprietary benchmarks that represent 70%+ of the U.S. payer market. Corporate headquarters are in metro Atlanta. SPH Analytics is a portfolio company of the $3 billion Symphony Technology Group. For more information, call 1-866-460-5681 or visit SPHAnalytics.com.

35+ Years of Business Experience

Our Vision:

To create impact at the intersection of health, value, and happiness,
by prescribing an adoptable path to achieve the Triple Aim.|

Our Mission:

At SPH Analytics, our mission is to empower healthcare
transformation through innovative technology and service
solutions for health care providers and health plans. |

History of Healthcare Innovation

A platform built to empower healthcare transformation


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SPH Analytics Awards and Certifications

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