O ver the years SPH Analytics has been recognized for continued innovation and quality in the healthcare industry.

Awarded #1 in:

Also a KLAS Top Ranked Population Health Management Vendor
Black Book 2017 awards


For the last quarter century, SPH has worked closely with regulatory authorities and healthcare organizations across the nation and has expanded its product portfolio to include population health analytics and a patient registry, quality measures solutions for MIPS and value-based risk agreements, risk segmentation and cost management solutions, and a healthcare call center, in addition to expanding its portfolio of both regulatory and elective surveys. SPH has received multiple CMS and NCQA accreditations for its regulatory survey administration and PCMH pre-validation for its population health solution.

SPH Analytics’ Regulatory Survey Accreditations include:

SPH Analytics’ Population Health, MIPS, and
Quality Measure Accreditations include:

APEX Quality Awards

SPH Presents the APEX Quality Awards
Apex quality award seal
Each year SPH Analytics recognizes our highest performing healthcare entities with the APEX Quality Award. APEX, defined as the highest or culminating point, is further defined by SPH Analytics as Attributes for Patient Excellence. APEX Quality Award winners represent healthcare providers who consistently achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction, earning this recognition that sets clients apart from their peers.

Companies Awarded APEX Award