Sean Molley
Chief Technology Officer

M. Sean Molley joined SPH Analytics as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer in April 2018. Sean leads the company’s information technology, information security, data center operations, software development, data science, and analytics functions. He likes to describe himself as SPH’s “Head Nerd.”

Sean has over thirty years of professional software development and leadership experience (and yes, he can still sling code). He found his way into the healthcare industry in the mid-1990s at Medaphis, which was then the country’s largest provider of third-party billing and accounts-receivable management services to physician practice groups, starting out as a software and database developer in the Compliance department building systems that analyzed healthcare claims for potential fraud and abuse, and eventually serving as the company’s VP of Business Intelligence. Medaphis became Per-Se Technologies and was sold to McKesson in 2006. That same year, Sean joined Anodyne Health Partners, a VC-backed startup focused on revenue-cycle management, claims analysis, contract and schedule modeling, and clinical analytics for large healthcare organizations, where he served as Chief Technology Officer (and ended up running the entire client services team for a while, which was a valuable experience). Anodyne grew to serve over 14,000 physician clients in 35 states before it was sold to athenahealth in 2009. Sean stayed on at athenahealth as a Principal Architect, where he was responsible for the product strategy and development of company-wide reporting and business intelligence solutions, with team members in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, and India. Sean was involved when athenahealth entered the population health management and value-based reimbursement market in 2012. After retiring from athenahealth in 2014, Sean worked on another startup, Ripple Analytics, where he served as Chief Data Scientist. Along the way he also managed to get involved with Lone Shark Games, a Seattle-based studio that develops and publishes puzzle books, board and card games, escape rooms, and interactive experiences.

Sean has seen a disturbingly large number of ambulatory and hospital billing systems, imaging systems, electronic medical records, patient portals, claims clearinghouses, information exchanges, file formats, code sets, and more interfaces than any human being should ever have to look at. Sean has extensive experience in designing and building ETL pipelines, data warehouses, data visualizations, analytical tools, and machine learning algorithms. Sean often says that “90% of everything involves munging data,” and to date the healthcare industry has failed to prove him wrong.

Sean holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Western Kentucky University along with Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. He is a former math teacher (including six years in the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program) and was the girls’ varsity and JV soccer coach at Bowling Green High School. Sean stopped playing soccer after his second knee reconstruction, but he still enjoys refereeing for some strange reason. He has written extensively for the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game. Sean’s team, Setec Astronomy, won the MIT Mystery Hunt in 2016 and 2018 and therefore had to write and run the 2017 and 2019 Hunts. He loves escape rooms and cryptic crosswords.

Like we said at the beginning, Sean is a huge nerd.