Partner with the Quality Payment Program Experts

The SPH Analytics team is dedicated to your success in maximizing performance and financial upside in value-based care programs like MIPS.

Advisory Services are a valuable part of our services, including:

  • High-touch implementation gets you up and running quickly
  • Guided education helps you understand what you need to do, and why it’s important
  • Quarterly strategy sessions are tailored to help you achieve your unique goals and objectives
  • Ongoing guidance helps your team stay on track all year and alerts you to upcoming deadlines that impact your mission
  • Our MIPS submission control team works through final decisions and data submission with you to maximize your scores
  • A strong community of healthcare organizations collaborates on day-to-day challenges and best practices, as well as longer term opportunities to succeed in value-based care

The SPH Analytics team works with our clients to optimize use of the Population Care software to earn top scores, maximize financial benefit and advance your value-based care mission.