SPH Analytics recently partnered with our client UPMC to conduct research into physician satisfaction with health plans. The research uncovered several physician and payer characteristics that are associated with satisfaction, and that physician experience with health plans is likely a key contributor to physician burnout. The research further documented opportunities to improve physician satisfaction with payers, specifically in pharmacy/formulary management. The findings were published in a recent article in the American Journal of Managed Care, and summarized in a blog from UPMC.

The Results

  • While there is room to improve satisfaction with payers in many areas, the greatest strides can be made in pharmacy services and formulary management.
  • Physicians had 20% higher satisfaction with payers that were vertically integrated.
  • Physicians were also highly satisfied with the largest plans and the smallest plans by number of lives covered.
  • Physicians who practiced independently rated satisfaction with payers higher than physicians in larger practices. Primary care physicians rated higher satisfaction than specialists.

Read the full blog here: https://www.upmcmyhealthmatters.com/new-research-on-physician-satisfaction/

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