AHRQ Responds to Pandemic Telehealth Surge with New CAHPS Survey

ESTHER TURNER, PRINCIPAL, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT In November, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) released a new version of the Clinician and Group CAHPS Survey […]

Updates from Member Experience CAHPS Vendor Training

ESTHER TURNER, PRINCIPAL, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Fall is the season when survey vendors attend vendor training sessions for HEDIS® CAHPS®, the QHP Enrollee Survey, and the MA […]
Quality Improvement banner

Health Plan Quality Improvement Planning Checklist

Even in this year of global pandemic, multiple regulatory programs are still requiring health plans to report on their efforts to: improve health outcomes, prevent hospital […]

Five Good Reasons to Conduct CG CAHPS

Does your practice or health plan conduct theCG CAHPS Survey? If so, you may want to review the list below to ensure you are receiving themost […]

‘Tis The (Flu) Season

“I opened the door and influenza.” Okay, that’s a terrible pun, but an amusing way to welcome a very un-amusing time of year: flu season. Flu […]
planning for Q4 on white board

Planning for Q4 in a Year Like No Other

There’s no telling how the year 2020 will size up as a benchmark for future years of healthcare. Indeed, trying to use previous years as comparisons […]

CMS Announces New Timeline for HOS Fielding in 2021

ESTHER TURNER, PRINCIPAL, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT CMS has just announced that fielding for Health Outcomes Surveys (HOS) will take place only from August through November, replacing the previous April […]

QHP Enrollee Survey: Proposed 2021 Survey Tool Updates to Address Telehealth

Esther TurnerPrincipal, Product Management CMS recently posted proposed updates to the QHP Enrollee Survey. This survey is required for health plan issuers operating as Qualified Health Plans on […]