Happy National Venn diagram day

Celebrating 100+ Years of the Venn Diagram

And one more anniversary, too! It may not look like a centenarian, but it is! Birthday greetings to the “Venn Diagram.” The popular assembly of overlapping shapes […]
Improved MIPS Scores in Just Months

Improving MIPS Scores with Better Data and Better Practices

How one company boosted its quality, care, codes and scores in just months You’re a respected, well-thought-of, big-time contributor to the healthcare of both your community and […]
Challenges of Missing Unstructured Healthcare Data

Meeting the Challenge of Missing and Unstructured Data

Data is king – no doubt about it. It’s the consummate measuring stick. It’s the beating heart of every healthcare organization on the planet. When it’s […]
Member Experience Framework

Morpace Health Joins SPH Analytics – Good News for Health Plans

In this long and winding, if increasingly well-traveled, road toward value-based care, few things resonate more than an increasing share of the population actively engaged in […]
Quality Improvement banner

Health Plan Quality Improvement Planning Checklist

Multiple regulatory programs require health plans to report on their efforts to: improve health outcomes, prevent hospital readmissions, ensure patient safety and reduce medical errors, and […]
Doctor and Patient


Please see announcement below regarding the CMS Proposed Rule for Calendar Year 2019 for OAS CAHPS. The announcement is followed by additional thoughts from SPH Analytics. […]
Lessons Learned from a Success MIPS Submission

A MIPS 2017 Success Story

Lessons Learned to Help You Prepare for MIPS 2018 MIPS 2017 Submissions Are Over! What’s Next? Congratulations to everyone who worked diligently to understand the Merit-Based […]
Yellow Sign Proposed NCQA Changes Ahead

NCQA Proposed Changes to Health Plan Accreditation Standards

NCQA Proposed Changes to 2019 Health Plan Accreditation Standards In keeping with the national focus and ongoing evolution of the healthcare environment, NCQA has been soliciting […]