Requirements and Recommendations for Monitoring Access to Care

Healthcare reform means millions of people will gain access to health insurance, prompting some concern about the availability of PCPs and specialists.  There is also concern […]

Population Health Management + Analytics = Population Care™

A strange thing happened at the doctor…

We asked US consumers “What is the strangest thing you have seen in a doctor’s office or hospital waiting room?” Besides the usual screaming kids, extremely […]

Risky behaviors do not always come from expected sources

Consumers of all ages participated in a number of risky behaviors in the last month.  The most common activity is spending more than 20 hours per […]

Definition of an “engaged” health care consumer

In a recent survey, SPH Analytics asked consumers to give us their definition of an engaged health care consumer. Although some of the least involved consumers […]

Definition of an “engaged” health care consumer

Engaged consumers often use more health resources, but heavy users of health care services are not necessarily engaged.  Consumers often self-describe themselves as “engaged” in their […]