Does your practice or health plan conduct the
CG CAHPS Survey?

If so, you may want to review the list below to ensure you are receiving the
most value from this survey.

If not, here are five good reasons why you may want to consider adding
CG CAHPS to your survey initiatives this year.

1.    Understand the Member/Patient Experience

The CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG CAHPS) is a multi-faceted solution for understanding the member/patient experience. The survey measures the member’s/patient’s satisfaction and experience with his or her physician and/or physician practice.

Feedback obtained from this survey helps health plans and providers understand their members’/patients’ perceptions, determine where to focus improvement efforts, and track performance.

2.    Fill Care Gaps 

Discovering and addressing gaps in care is often a complex challenge for both providers and health plans. The CG CAHPS Survey provides information that can be extremely valuable for understanding and filling gaps in care. Combined with SPH Analytics’ advanced survey analytics and interactive online reporting, CG CAHPS can be a powerful tool for addressing existing care gaps.

3.    Earn Credit for MIPS

Under the new MACRA legislation, healthcare providers can conduct CG CAHPS to earn credit for two medium-weighted “Improvement Activities” in the Beneficiary Engagement Category for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

In addition to earning credit for MIPS, the CG CAHPS Survey empowers practitioners with the insight needed to take targeted action to help improve their patients’ experiences and clinical outcomes.

4.    Drive Continuous Improvement 

CG CAHPS Survey results can provide meaningful insight to healthcare providers in understanding their patients’ experiences, as well as to health plans to evaluate providers in their network.

The survey can be an effective tool to drive continuous improvement through:


Health plans and providers can administer the CG CAHPS Survey to determine where to focus their improvement efforts, and year-over-year trending allows them to track performance.


There is a CG CAHPS national benchmark component which is updated on an annual basis and available through the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Organizations have the option of submitting survey results to the National CAHPS Database which gives them access to a private online portal where additional services are provided that include custom analyses, data for research purposes, and comparative national benchmarking results.

Frequent/Ongoing Survey Administration

The CG CAHPS Survey can be conducted annually, but we recommend a more frequent measurement including quarterly or even monthly, so that opportunities for improvement can be identified on a continual basis. Additionally, a more frequent survey supports better response rates and member/patient recall since the survey is received sooner following a doctor visit.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics can offer valuable insight and help identify specific opportunities for improvement.

SPH Analytics provides powerful online reporting and analytics at multiple levels including optional physician/practice report cards to support transparency and accountability across the provider network. This comprehensive reporting can be used for pay-for-performance initiatives and to guide and monitor quality improvement programs.

Healthcare organizations can use survey results to continually drive improvement with our:

  • Guided analytics that pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritized performance initiatives using flexible dashboard views
  • Automated service recovery identification
  • Interactive reporting for timely and targeted action and performance monitoring

5.    Proactively Plan for the Future 

The CG CAHPS Survey is currently voluntary, but many healthcare influencers are predicting it will be mandated in the future. Those organizations already conducting CG CAHPS are gaining a better understanding of their members’/patients’ experiences. By incorporating advanced analytics, healthcare leaders can proactively implement initiatives to target key areas for improvement.

As patient experience and value-based purchasing outcomes continue to align, the CG CAHPS Survey and analytics are becoming increasingly important for faster adoption of changing requirements and time to reimbursement.

Want to Learn More?

Are you thinking about conducting CG CAHPS but not sure how to start? Or, would you like more information to help determine if CG CAHPS is right for your organization? If so, contact us for a free consultation.

SPH Analytics has been helping healthcare organizations improve performance and survey results for more than 24 years. We manage the complete survey process for you and go above and beyond standard requirements with expert guidance, advanced and interactive analytics, and the resources you need to improve performance and compete in today’s market.


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