CMS has raised outreach and performance expectations for Medicare Part D sponsors with a renewed focus on Medication Therapy Management (MTM) for keeping people healthier, reducing costs, and improving quality. SPH Analytics’ MTM programs prepare you for these heightened requirements and performance measurements.

MTM Outreach Campaign

Call center agentAn MTM Outreach campaign educates your MTM-eligible members about the benefits of your MTM program such as a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR).  This outreach also helps to engage your members in the program.

Member engagement in these programs supports the CMR Star Measure and the general health benefits resulting from effective MTM programs. SPH Analytics can schedule CMRs in your system or transfer members to your clinical or pharmacy staff to schedule or complete a CMR.

Our trained call center agents operate as an extension of your plan’s customer service– without the high costs and labor associated with additional staffing. 

Paper surveys and email surveysMTM Member Satisfaction Survey

With CMS emphasizing continuous improvement and quality measurement, The MTM Member Satisfaction survey is a valuable resource. The survey assesses MTM program performance and provides insightful data to help you develop a continuous improvement plan. 

The SPH Analytics Advantage:

  • Assurance that each member is contacted and offered a CMR in a timely manner (within 60 days of automatic enrollment, per CMS specifications)
  • Extensive experience conducting effective healthcare outreach and satisfaction campaigns
  • Advanced technical capabilities for seamless information transfers
  • Red-flag alerts can notify you if a member has an urgent concern

Survey questions evaluate the program’s services, materials, and providers.  We offer multiple modes of survey administration including mail, phone, IVR, and Internet/e-mail.

Contact us for additional information about Medication Therapy Management outreach.

SPH Analytics offers the leading healthcare measurement and analytics platform to understand and impact consumer experience and engagement. For decades, SPH has improved the health and wellness of Americans by enabling health plans and providers to drive healthy, cost-effective behaviors through improved customer experience, increased loyalty, and meaningful engagement.