T he Preventive Care Outreach from SPH Analytics provides valuable education and reminders to patients and health plan members. We provide courteous live agent outreach, direct mail, email, and IVR programs to help promote preventive care and improve HEDIS® scores and reimbursements.

Preventive Care Outreach can include: 

  • Mammograms
  • Flu Shots
  • Prenatal Care
  • Wellness Visits
  • Medication checks and adherence

Preventive Care Outreach promotes better health outcomes, helps improve reimbursement and HEDIS initiatives, and supports member retention efforts.

The most effective patient outreach

The best kind of outreach not only drives patient action, it first must reach the ideal target of your population – precisely the patients who would benefit the most. The motivation to act would then lie in the carefully constructed message, and delivered via the most patient-preferred methods of communication available. And on a schedule that yields the greatest return on your outreach effort. It’s called Smart Patient/Member Engagement. 

This patient engagement program, from Modern Healthcare’s top health plan patient experience survey vendor SPH Analytics, checks all the right boxes in the most successful kind of patient outreach. From stratifying your population to identify the best audience for the message, to motivating that member/patient audience (and their providers) with persona-specific multi-model messaging that inspires and creates action.

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SPH Analytics has decades of experience driving quality program success. We have the experience and expertise clients trust to improve clinical care, enhance patient experience, and reduce costs to meet the Triple Aim.