Help protect your high-risk patients or members during the COVID-19 pandemic


In challenging times, clear and timely communication with your patient/member population – especially vulnerable, high-risk patients – is more important than ever.
SPH has multi-channel outreach services that are fast and easy to implement. Several of our clients have been requesting these services to provide COVID-19/ coronavirus updates and health education to their high-risk patients or members.

Providers are informing their patients/members about:

One cost-effective and memorable way to quickly impact your patient or member population is an interactive voice response (IVR) or automated phone call.  An example would be a recorded message from your organization’s CEO that is played when they pick up the phone or as a voicemail.

  1. Risk factors for infectious disease (COVID-19, flu, etc.)
  2. Ways to protect themselves
  3. What to do if they have had contact with someone with an infectious disease
  4. How to contact providers if they are experiencing symptoms

SPH offers a targeted outreach approach also, to focus on your highest risk patients or members, which can include:

  1. Your organization can send SPH a targeted list for outreach, or
  2. SPH can analyze your EMR data to stratify your population according to risk

Contact us if we can help you with targeted outreach to help protect your high-risk patients.

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