Graphic: conduct basic regulatory requirements. Augment with additional Surveys to gain clarity. Targeted impact programs and improvement campaigns and solutions that look at entire experience.

Listen to – and Hear – Your Members

At SPH Analytics our mission is to provide tools and support to help you expand your insights, understand what your members are experiencing, and drive improvement. SPH offers several options to hear – and understand – the voice of your members and monitor points of care and service to support a continuous quality improvement and planning cycle.

Basic Experience

Focus on Regulatory CAHPS Survey Measures

For plans looking to comply with CMS requirements for conducting the CAHPS survey. For these plans, the CAHPS survey offers valuable annual feedback from members on major aspects of their experience. SPH provides robust and actionable reporting to highlight areas of strong performance and where there are opportunities for improvement.


Experience Improvement

Focus on CAHPS Low Performance Measures

The CAHPS survey gives an annual snapshot of members’ experience. To obtain additional data for a rapid cycle test of quality interventions, SPH recommends off-cycle Simulation surveys and Drill Downs.


Engagement and Intervention

Focus on Outcomes

This product package focuses on plan services and outcomes, going beyond experience measurement to utilize SPH’s highly skilled call center, mail fulfillment center, and email outreach resources to engage your members and help improve their experience and health outcomes. This could include campaigns aimed at assisting plans to provide a warm welcome to new members, reminding members about needed preventive screenings, or helping members schedule a comprehensive medication review.


360 View

Focus on Providers and Patient Experience

These solutions can be combined with other program options and allow plans to track experience of multiple stakeholders across multiple services for a holistic market research approach.

    • Expand understanding and insight about member/patient experiences
    • Meet and/or exceed external mandates and internal goals
    • Competitive advantage
  • Align mutual interests of both the plan and provider groups in value based care initiatives

The research is clear that your members’ experience with their provider is highly correlated with the ratings of their health plan. It is critical that plans understand the experience being provided to their members by their contracted providers. Because of this we recommend utilizing CG CAHPS in addition to CAHPS surveys for a full 360° view of your members’ experience with the plan and the provider. Many plans will also utilize our Provider Satisfaction survey to measure the experience of the providers in their network and our Provider Access audits to understand where member may be having difficulty scheduling appointments.


Partner with a Trusted Leader

Engage the voice of your member and monitor points of care and service

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