Simplify MU reporting with end-to-end automation

Now that MIPS is here, healthcare organizations that receive reimbursement from both Medicare and Medicaid will have to report for multiple value-based programs, as Medicaid clinicians still need to report for Meaningful Use in 2017 and beyond. SPH Analytics easily supports managing Meaningful Use for Medicaid as well as MIPS on IgniteQ, our integrated platform.

The MU ASSISTANT® solution for Medicaid is a comprehensive cloud based solution to manage clinician participation, tracking eligibility, historical and current performance, program year, stages, payments, and more.

  • Aggregates data from your electronic health records (EHRs) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for a complete picture of historical and current performance, program participation, eligibility, and payments
  • Automates clinician registration and attestation processes (both federal and state) with one click
  • Highlights clinician performance and areas of improvement via scorecards
  • Tracks clinicians across various programs, stages and payment years
  • Estimates financial impact to the organization and provides payment reconciliation reports
  • Retains an audit trail

As Meaningful Use is key to Medicaid incentives worth $63,750 per clinician, non-compliance means leaving money on the table.