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The SPH Analytics team has returned from HIMSS16 where we learned a lot about the data needed for clinicians to meet population health goals. MDinsight, our cornerstone population health product, segments patient data for better healthcare outcomes. We understand that the patient data we use to provide this rich insight is entrusted to us with the expectation of data security. Our product development team is already hard at work integrating important updates from HIMSS into MDinsight (MDI), to ensure improved functionality and security. 

Improved Workflow and Chronic Condition Management

MDI enables clinicians to segment at-risk populations and their patients with chronic conditions, allowing the care team to provide each patient appropriate resources based on the patient’s specific needs. Once identified, patients at risk of developing chronic conditions can receive targeted outreach and education specific to preventing and managing diseases based on their risk factors. For patients with costly and chronic conditions, MDI provides pre-visit planning capabilities that ensure needed testing and care is provided prior to in-person visits with the primary care physician in order to maximize the time allowed for provider and patient engagement.

Think about your patient population. How many patients do you have in total? Of those, how many have diabetes, hypertension, or both? Can you quickly identify which patients have received their flu vaccine this year? MDI can. While this feature is certainly not new, the organization of the data is one area that our development team is improving based on client feedback and feedback from HIMSS. Updates to the user experience are more intuitive, incorporating features such as alphabetized lists and an appointments page with the ability to filter patients by measure status based on performance metrics that are important to your physician group—diabetic foot exams, for example.

Time is important to every clinic which is why we are continually working to optimize MDI. The advanced filtering capabilities enable upgraded access to data needed across all levels of a healthcare organization. The ability to filter lists allows reporting for a wide range of metrics from Patient Care Summaries (PCS) to performance benchmarking. Using MDI’s improved exporting functionality, analyzed data can be saved for presentation or converted to a variety of file types, including PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint for reference by doctors, payers, and administrators. Outcome progress can be measured and recorded to track performance for HEDIS, Five Star, and other regulatory and/or process improvement programs.

Improved Security Standards

Data security was a hot topic at HIMSS and rightfully so. HIPAA compliance has become a way of life for those of us in healthcare, but data breaches and the long-term consequences associated with these breaches have health IT professionals taking extra steps to ensure the security of patient data. The MDinsight team is comparing client feedback, input from HIMSS, and industry best practices to make sure clients and their data are protected by the security features of MDI.

The data entered into MDI is secured to protect the sensitive patient information gathered. To this end, we are building strategic partnerships; currently we are working to make data normalization more uniform and will consider other partnerships that contribute to the user experience. SPHA standards for the security of this data will always be at the forefront of our decisions. The development team has researched security best practices for other changes that can be made. While many of these cannot be disclosed as a security precaution, MDI users will notice changes to protocol for things like scheduled password changes and tighter user security around MDI access. Like HIPAA, changes as a result of security needs have become part of everyday life in a world that needs to be vigilant, so we anticipate users will experience minimal disruption as they are incorporated into the MDI user experience.

SPHA Population Health

Bringing it Together for You

SPH Analytics (SPHA) is proud of the user experience our products offer. Client feedback, industry best practices, and partnerships with industry-leading organizations like HIMSS keep us moving forward to make sure our population health applications are intuitive, secure, and optimized for integration into the daily clinical workflow. While providing an elite user experience, we are careful to maintain the security of the data that MDI uses and the ways that data can be accessed. Your patients trust their care to you and you can trust their data to us.

Most of these features have already been rolled out to our MDI users. SPHA will continue to identify and implement upgrades that make MDI more efficient, secure, and intuitive to clinician needs. We are certain you will appreciate the continued emphasis on security and the efficiency provided by the optimized functionality.

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