Member Engagement targeted outreach

Predictive Analytics + Targeted Outreach = High Impact to Healthcare Organizations

You need actionable data, insights, and strategies to drive the most meaningful impact on outcomes. For example, you want to retain more members, with high satisfaction, and you want them to close care gaps and fill their prescriptions. All of these goals are Star Ratings measures that impact your revenue.

Now who do you target with your finite resources and how?

SPH can help you focus on your target members by deploying SPH Forensics™. SPH Forensics is a proprietary set of algorithms to understand member experience, engageability, and behavioral pattern insights based on our 35+ years of member behavior data and robust expertise with data modeling and predictive analytics.

Our proprietary data models predict which members are more or less likely to have various outcomes. Our member attribute modeling determines how to best message them.

SPH provides you with a Smart Engagement Blueprint™ with clear direction about: 

  • Who to target 
  • Why you should target them
  • How to contact them 
  • What message will motivate them

Health Plan Challenges

We focus on four key outcomes that have a strong correlation to Star Ratings, member retention, and revenue:

  • Retention
  • Experience
  • Care Gap Closure
  • Medication Adherence

Smart Member Engagement Process

Smart Member Engagement Platform Chart
  • We have better patient outreach. We can group patients based on different care opportunities, such as diabetic patients and patients who need preventive health screenings such as mammograms and colorectal screenings, and know whether the patient is up to date.





Using Smart Engagement for Crisis Communication

Communicate with your patients or members about:

  • COVID vaccine instructions
  • Risk factors for infectious disease (COVID-19, flu, etc.)
  • Ways to protect themselves
  • What to do if they have had contact with someone with an infectious disease
  • How to contact providers if they are experiencing symptoms
    • and more . . .

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