Patient Experience Survey Solutions

Improving the patient experience and maximizing patient satisfaction is an important goal for healthcare providers across the spectrum of care. The goals of healthcare’s Triple Aim have increased the focus on patient experience and satisfaction not only with their outcomes, but also with the non-clinical aspects of their experience. Providers want patients to feel they are being treated with dignity and with great customer service. Patient experience surveys are a great way for healthcare providers to understand the perspectives of their patients. These surveys translate subjective opinions into meaningful, quantifiable, and actionable data through the use of the EdgePerception and EdgePhysician modules of our EdgeSurvey platform.

Member Experience Survey Solutions

Member experience is a key driver for health plans to grow and thrive. Research shows that when members feel valued and appreciated, almost 87% will support and recommend their plan. And 74% will keep their membership with that plan. Member experience surveys help plans understand their membership and can pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Actionable data from surveys can help plans grow and gain greater market visibility, improve star ratings, support accreditation efforts, and boost CMS reimbursement. More than 48% of all U.S. health plans choose to do business with SPH because of our extensive experience and innovative analytics for driving improved member experience.

Provider Experience Survey Solutions

In recent years there has been a call to focus on the provider perspective in improving healthcare. In fact some researchers have called for expanding healthcare’s Triple Aim to the “Quadruple Aim” to include the goal of improving the work life of healthcare providers. SPH’s provider experience survey solutions present one-of-a-kind insight into the important perspective of healthcare’s most vital component: the provider. Dissatisfied and burnt out clinicians can reduce health outcomes and lower patient satisfaction. By understanding providers’ unique viewpoints, health plans and health systems can improve the experience of physicians and other clinicians in their organization or network.

Strategy Research

Our strategy research solutions are an extension of our custom research program. These types of solutions deal with more strategic issues, such as market segmentation, product strategy, pricing strategy and branding. With more than 25 years of strategy research, SPH Analytics is the industry leader in developing the deep insights and predictive analytics needed to operationalize research results.

Other Survey Solutions

SPH Analytics works with additional stakeholders in healthcare organizations to survey and understand the experience of different roles. SPH can also create custom surveys or conduct qualitative research targeted to derive insight into specific business needs.

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