A member’s experience can so easily hinge on their own social determinants of health. These include access to housing, food and good nutrition, available transportation, access to medical services and supplies and so much more. SPH Analytics offers a wide range of SDoH (Social Determinants of Health) assessments and solutions.  We deliver them through various channels including IVR, mail, live agent phone calls, Internet, and text – whatever method is likely to reach the member best. 

SPH’s SDoH Assessments include information gathering and analysis on:

  • Transportation
    • Information about the member’s access to transport
    • Gathering the member’s experience on their ability to easily schedule a transportation appointment and the timeliness and professionalism of the driver
  • Financial Issues
    • Information as to whether the member may be experiencing financial hardship
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Access to Medical Care and Childcare
  • Safety Issues, including domestic violence 
  • COVID Status
    • Gathering information from members who have had COVID-19, making sure they received necessary care, and offering information on how to stay well and what to do if they think they are ill

SPH’s reporting and analysis provides insight into population demographics, segmentation, responses, open ended comments, and trending related to SDoH.  We can help you interpret the data so you can identify and focus on your strategy and approach.

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