Screenshot from SPH's advanced healthcare analytics dashboardAction Analytics is a user-friendly self-service healthcare analytics tool specifically designed for the unique data analysis needs of today’s health plans and health systems.

Powerful Healthcare Analytics

SPH’s Action Analytics provide powerful custom configuration, visualizations, filtering, and cross-segmentation for any data point. With the ability to analyze member/patient behavior, SPH’s advanced healthcare analytics deliver the information and insight needed to implement radical change and highly-targeted process improvements.

Unlike other business intelligence solutions, Action Analytics lies directly on the SPH Nexus Portal, requiring no additional IT resources.

SPH collects, records, maps, and displays the information in easy-to-read dashboards that can be customized to focus on the KPI’s most important to your organization.

Additional Benefits:

  • Ability to use at any technical level
  • Does not require additional IT resources – SPH imports and maps data
  • Simple ‘point and click’ results
  • Cross-segmentation on demand
  • Ability to filter by patient demographics
  • Multiple visualization options including chart, graphs and heat maps

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