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The CAHPS® for ACOs Survey is one of the quality measures Medicare Accountable Care Organizations participating in a CMS quality initiative are required to submit to CMS on an annual basis.  As a CMS-approved vendor for the CAHPS for ACOs Survey, SPH Analytics understands the importance of your CAHPS for ACO survey outcomes for:

  • Satisfying quality performance standards
  • Representing 25% of your CMS quality performance score
  • Contributing to the CMS shared savings and value-based payment adjustment
  • Public reporting on the CMS Physician Compare Website

For more than two decades SPH has worked with CMS and healthcare organizations across the nation to support their CAHPS survey administration and reporting needs. SPH clients receive exceptional customer service, guidance, and updates throughout the survey process.

The CAHPS Survey for ACOs

The CAHPS Survey for ACOs is a standardized survey program designed to measure patient experience of care for ACOs participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program and Next Generation ACO Model.

This survey is conducted for ACOs by CMS-approved survey vendors and is intended to:

  • Produce comparable data on the patient’s perspective that allows objective and meaningful comparisons between ACO CAHPS®groups on areas that are important to consumers.
  • Provide public reporting of survey results that will create incentives for providers to improve their quality of care.
  • Enhance public accountability in health care by increasing the transparency of the quality of care provided in return for public investment

The CAHPS for ACOs survey is based on the Clinician and Group (CG CAHPS) Survey and includes additional questions specific to the goals of the ACO model. CMS has developed two versions (ACO-9 and ACO-12) of the survey. Both versions include the following nine domain areas:

  1. Getting Timely Care, Appointments, & Information
  2. How Well Providers Communicate
  3. Patient’s Rating of Provider
  4. Access to Specialists
  5. Health Promotion and Education
  6. Shared Decision Making
  7. Health Status & Functional Status
  8. Courteous & Helpful Office Staff
  9. Stewardship of Patient Resources

The CAHPS for ACO-12 Survey includes three additional domain areas:

  1. Care Coordination
  2. Between Visit Communication
  3. Helping you Take Medications as Directed

SPH provides a one-source solution for managing and administering the CAHPS for ACO Survey in full compliance with CMS survey timeline and procedures.Following submission of your data files to CMS, SPH delivers comprehensive CAHPS for ACO Final Report1 which includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of respondents
  • Comparison of your current data findings to trend data and national benchmarks
  • Information to help identify areas of strength and weakness impacting the Patient/Caregiver Experience measures, cost-sharing incentives, and public reporting

CAHPS® is a registered trademark of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

1The CMS CAHPS for ACO final results reporting includes weighting and patient mix adjustment factors which are calculated onto the data submitted by SPH Analytics. Therefore, CMS and SPH final results data will differ.

Partner with SPH Analytics for your full-service CAHPS for ACOs Survey solution.

SPH Analytics has more than 25 years of experience driving quality program success. We have the experience and expertise clients trust to improve clinical care, enhance patient experience, and reduce costs to meet the Triple Aim.

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