O ur Impact Analytics solution provides actionable insights to health plans, identifying the best opportunities to improve their member experience, engagement, CAHPS scores and Star Ratings.  Leveraging the largest benchmark of member experience data in the industry, Impact Analytics analyzes the health plan’s performance not only against its past results, but also relative to the majority of plans across the country – a critical component when attempting to maintain or improve Star Ratings.  The levels of analysis range from the high level “what” (what are priority areas of improvement?), to “why” (deeper dive root cause analysis of problems) and “who” (member-level prediction of behaviors and perceptions) – enabling a highly pinpointed approach to improvement and deeper member engagement.

Survey Responses, Claims, Utilization, Cost, Rx, SDOH, Comments


Identify key drivers of CAHPS results

The Power of the our Benchmark


The table groups the key drivers of Rating of Health Plan into quadrants. Each measure is then ranked by importance within the quadrant. Focus resources on improving processes that underlie the most important items to drive significant improvement in the Rating of Health Plan.


drill down, compare, forecast

Drill down, compare, and forecast. Enables the client to self-sufficiently drill down into their CAHPS results, compare at a granular level with national and regional benchmarks, and forecast changes to their overall CAHPS or Star ratings based on changes to individual CAHPS measures.

Compare MCAHPS data at a granular level for targeted improvement. User-driven segmentation with creation of custom benchmarks and ad hoc comparisons to SPH's nationwide book of business

Forecast CAHPS and Star improvements via "What If" analyses on question-level scores


Analyze and prioritize root causes. Correlate campaigns and PX surveys to CAHPS and Stars

Analyze and prioritize root causes of low scoring CAHPS measures. Correlate campaigns and PX surveys to CAHPS and Stars Ratings. Leveraging the health plan’s survey data, SPH’s national member experience benchmarks, and data from the health plan, such as claims and utilization, this module provides key drivers of the CAHPS key drivers, i.e. the “why” behind low scoring areas. Data, such as patient experience survey data, can also be bridged to the official health plan CAHPS survey to provide early insights into performance, enabling early improvement actions.


Predict member perceptions and behavior

Engagement Blueprint

Predict member perceptions and behaviors. Both survey data (member’s perception) and health plan data (what actually happened to the member) are run through SPH’s predictive modeling system to produce a member engagement blueprint. This blueprint provides predicted scores for each member of the health plan on items of interest, most commonly: likelihood to disenroll, likelihood to respond to a CAHPS survey, likelihood to be satisfied with the health plan (drug benefits, etc.), and level of engagement with his/her own healthcare.


Blueprint to educate, motivate and shift perception

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