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SPH’s Experience Explorer is a dynamic tool for exploring your organization’s member experience data at a granular level. In addition to segmenting your own data according to a variety of variables, you can also create custom benchmarks and ad hoc comparisons to one of the most powerful and comprehensive health plan member experience libraries in the U.S. The online application allows users to segment the health plan’s data by a variety of demographic subgroups and cohorts, compare CAHPS® responses by subgroups, and select benchmark parameters for comparing their results to other plans. Experience Explorer empowers health plans to drive quality improvement through tracking and comparison of key performance indicators.

How do you measure up?

How is your organization performing against your quality improvement goals? Are you targeting and focusing on the right areas? How do similar companies compare to your results? SPH’s Experience Explorer allows you to segment and compare your numbers against one of the nation’s largest competitive benchmark libraries for health plan member experience.

In today’s competitive healthcare environment the most successful healthcare organizations find that benchmarking is imperative to continually improve processes and performance.

How does Experience Explorer work?

SPH filters and segments results from tens of thousands of member experience surveys from its 350+ health plan clients into key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can select to compare with your company’s own corresponding projects. Experience Explorer allows users to combine multiple projects into a single view or view multiple projects side by side. These segments are supplemented with self-reported dimensions such as age, gender, education, chronic condition status, health status, mental health status, utilization, language, survey mode, and more.

Experience Explorer empowers SPH clients to pinpoint the areas they need to address for quality improvement or greater member engagement – or both – and then make action plans and strategies to target these areas.

Key quality measures from Medicare CAHPS for the Medicare Advantage Star Rating program:

  • Annual Flu Vaccine
  • Getting Needed Care
  • Getting Care Quickly
  • Health Plan Customer Service
  • Rating of Health Care
  • Rating of Health Plan
  • Coordination of Care
  • Rating of Drug Plan
  • Getting Needed Prescription Drugs

A Deeper Understanding of Your Member Experience to Drive Targeted Improvement

Health plans can create different user cohorts to compare how their plan performs on different measures. This allows health plans to target specific member cohorts for outreach and quality improvement initiatives.

Results can be filtered by member demographics:

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