W ith its powerful proprietary modeling system, SatisAction®, SPH can uncover for you what’s important, what’s not important and where to focus efforts to have the biggest impact on satisfaction, customer experience, loyalty or other key metrics.

What is SatisAction® Key Driver Modeling?

The heart of the POWeR Chart system is a powerful statistical engine called SatisAction®. This modeling system uses proven multivariate procedures to derive the relative importance of the satisfaction items as drivers of overall satisfaction with a plan.

Key Elements of the SatisAction® Key Driver Modeling Process

  1. Using overall satisfaction as a predictor of intent to continue 
    First, we model the relationship between overall satisfaction and intent to continue with a plan. Logit analysis is used for this critical step which links satisfaction and desired behavior. Stakeholders who are more satisfied are more likely to continue with a plan than those who are less satisfied.
  2. Identifying underlying factors in the predictor (independent variable) set 
    After modeling the relationship between overall satisfaction and likelihood to continue with the plan, we proceed with the development of a model to predict overall satisfaction in specific areas. The first step is to factor-analyze the predictor set to group related satisfaction elements. This reduces the number of predictor variables, groups redundant measures, and deals with the potential collinearity problem in the regression analysis to come.
  3. Determining the relative importance of factors 
    Next, the factors identified in the previous step are used as predictors in a multiple regression model with overall satisfaction with a plan as the dependent variable.
  4. Showing importance relative to performance 
    The basic output of the complete POWeR process is a quadrant map that plots plan performance in each satisfaction area (vertical axis) in relation to the importance of that area as determined in the modeling approach described above.

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