Market Simulation Tools

B eing able to simulate market response to different offerings – whether yours or the competition’s – is an important aid in evaluating strategy and tactics. You can look into all the “what ifs” at the time you did the original study or for several years after. And, as long as there have been no fundamental changes in the marketplace then you can continue to use the results in the Dominator™ Simulation Tool.

How Does Market Simulation Work?

Used primarily in association with our conjoint analysis process, our market simulation process uses the estimated parameters from those analyses to estimate market response to different product and pricing options. SPH provides this as a tool that the client can use to play out whatever scenarios they wish regarding pricing and product features.

The Dominator Simulation Tool

The Dominator™ simulation tool is a simple Excel-based interface. This tool uses the same attributes and levels used in the conjoint exercise and enables you to make various other adjustments. The following graphic provides a sample interface of the Dominator™ Simulation Tool.

The Dominator – Simple as 1-2-3

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