A s health plans face simultaneous pressures to improve quality and member experience, reduce costs, and meet regulatory requirements, a broad-based range of initiatives is required. These range from collaborating more closely with providers in the form of business incentives and technology integration to more closely engaging with members and analyzing, and even predicting their satisfaction. 

SPH Analytics has been working with health plans for decades and offers a comprehensive set of experience measurement and analysis solutions to help health plans thrive in the ever-evolving business and regulatory climate. SPH offers full administration, management, and reporting of the CAHPS family of surveys and a wide variety of insight surveys while providing advanced analytics, deep insight, and experienced guidance to help plans understand and apply this knowledge into action.

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For more than three decades, SPH Analytics has helped healthcare organizations improve the experience and engagement of their patients and members. Let us bring our unique expertise and analytical and predictive approach to your organization’s challenges.