Health Plan Insights: COVID-19 National Member Experience Tracking Study - US map

T hese are unprecedented times in the US and around the world. Health care systems are under stress and everyone has questions. The SPH Analytics COVID-19 National Tracking Study allows health plans to better understand their own members and what members across the country are experiencing to help inform outreach and planning efforts. Given the fast-moving changes during the pandemic, this tracking study is fielded and analyzed weekly. 

Key benefits of this ground-breaking study include:

  • Understand how to improve communication with members during the pandemic
  • Prepare for CAHPS Surveys by understanding member experience during the pandemic
  • Compare health plan performance against national benchmark
  • Assess members’ readiness for and challenges with telehealth services
  • Empower a nimble response to a rapidly evolving environment

Multi-Wave Sampling Strategy

SPH leverages an online panel to select healthcare consumers from around the country.  This sample can be supplemented with a health plan’s own members. The nationally representative sample remains current by refreshing weekly.

Timely and Relevant Survey Topics

The survey explores timely topics that impact a health plan’s membership such as:

  1. Members’ experience with health plan and its communication during the pandemic
  2. Access to care during the pandemic
  3. Communication from their personal doctors related to COVID-19
  4. Affordability concerns related to obtaining healthcare during the pandemic
  5. Understanding of health plan benefits related to COVID-19
  6. Experience with telehealth

Interactive Analytics & National Benchmark

Refreshed weekly, the SPH online dashboard provides unprecedented insight into the sentiment of consumers and health plan members about their experiences with the health care system during the pandemic. Utilizing a national benchmark, SPH provides insightful reporting with the ability to filter and customize the data views.

The Information to Improve

For more than three decades, SPH Analytics has helped healthcare organizations improve the experience and engagement of their patients and members. Let us bring our unique expertise and analytical and predictive approach to your organization’s challenges.