T he most valuable and honest feedback can sometimes come from those members who have left your health plan. For this reason, Disenrollment Outreach can be an important component of your plan’s retention and renewal efforts. Feedback obtained through Disenrollment Outreach helps plans make needed adjustments to increase member satisfaction and retention going forward.

Female taking disenrollment outreach survey over the phone

SPH Analytics conducts outreach to recently disenrolled members to determine the reasons for their disenrollment and other factors that influenced their overall satisfaction with the plan. Our professional and courteous phone agents provide former members with a positive impression by demonstrating that their opinions are valued and your plan cares, even after they have left the program.

Member satisfaction, including former member satisfaction, is more important than ever with social media, healthcare forums, and healthcare requirements that hold the plan accountable for patient satisfaction and perception of care. Disenrollment Outreach can provide needed insight into key issues that impact overall member satisfaction and loyalty.

Disenrollment Outreach Helps Plans:

  • Determine why members disenroll from the plan
  • Assess factors that influenced former members’ overall satisfaction with the plan
  • Make needed program adjustments to improve member retention and satisfaction
  • Enhance performance improvement with targeted initiatives to increase scores/ratings

Let SPH manage your outreach to disenrolled members and provide valuable feedback for your plan’s continued growth and improvement.

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