CAHPS and Regulatory Surveys

The Consumer Assessment of Health Care Provider and Systems (CAHPS) Surveys and other regulatory surveys, like those listed below, have been developed to measure and assess the experience of consumers with the health care and services they received.  Health plans and healthcare providers are being held accountable by regulatory authorities, such as, CMS, NCQA or states, for their survey outcomes and performance.

SPH Analytics offers complete, onsite solutions for healthcare providers and health plans to manage and satisfy their regulatory survey requirements. SPH clients receive project guidance, online resources, industry updates, and exceptional customer service throughout the survey process.

Our Analytics team has developed unique and insightful reporting and analysis to include trend and benchmark comparisons, respondent profile analysis, and action-oriented information and insights to help improve scores and future performance.

Accredited Healthcare Survey Provider

For more than three decades SPH has worked closely with regulatory authorities and healthcare organizations across the nation to help support their survey needs, stay within compliance, focus on improvement, and compete in today’s healthcare market.

We continually monitor HEDIS®, NCQA, CMS, and other regulatory healthcare websites, announcements and updates to respond to the evolving needs of our clients.

SPH Analytics’ Regulatory Survey Accreditations include:

Trusted Standards of Excellence

SPH adheres to high standards of quality and provides exceptional client service and satisfaction. Our survey processes undergo rigorous internal and external audits, and all functions are performed by highly trained and qualified staff members. Mail processing, survey scanning, phone outreach, data collection, and reporting are all conducted onsite.

SPH Analytics is uniquely positioned to manage your survey and reporting needs allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care and service.

Rely on the experts to manage your regulatory surveys.

SPH Analytics offers the leading healthcare measurement and analytics platform to understand and impact consumer experience and engagement. For decades, SPH has improved the health and wellness of Americans by enabling health plans and providers to drive healthy, cost-effective behaviors through improved customer experience, increased loyalty, and meaningful engagement.

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