SPH Analytics’ Employee Experience Survey provides healthcare organizations with the opportunity to electronically survey their employees. The survey collects attributes and metrics that work together to reveal meaningful and extensive employee insights and perceptions.

The Employee Experience Survey addresses each facility’s uniqueness, demographics, and specialties.

Improve Employee Experience and Loyalty

Hospital staff discussing patientUnderstanding employees’ needs and perceptions of their work environment allows your organization to identify areas of operational ineffectiveness and make needed improvements.

The Employee Experience Survey gives healthcare organizations the ability to:

  • Increase employee retention and maintain loyalty
  • Increase employee morale – let them know their opinion is valued
  • Optimize communication – ensure confidential and honest feedback
  • Provide better customer service to patients
  • Proactively escalate and address patterned issues
  • Obtain immediate access to all employee intelligence
  • Receive comprehensive reporting – including unlimited comments

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