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A survey of safety culture enables healthcare organizations to understand how staff perceive the safety of the organization’s conditions.  Developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and administered and managed by SPH Analytics, the Survey on Patient Safety Culture™(SOPS™) can help you assess how staff members are executing their patient safety procedures and programs, their perceptions of these procedures, and how their actions and behavior play a role.  These safety culture measures can be used as diagnostic tools to identify areas for improvement, and SPH provides in-depth reporting to help you develop programs to prevent adverse events and patient harm.

Surveys on Patient Safety Culture can:

  • raise staff awareness about patient safety.
  • gauge current status of patient safety culture in your organization.
  • pinpoint strengths and identify areas for patient safety culture improvement.
  • identify changes and trends in patient safety culture over time

SPH administers and manages the following safety culture surveys:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Survey on Patient Safety Culture
  • Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety Culture
  • Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture
  • Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture
  • Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety Culture

SPH has significant experience with administration of the Survey on Patient Safety Culture with more than 15,000 teammates surveyed from almost 200 facilities.

Survey design

The Patient Safety Survey covers these areas in its largely multiple-choice question design:
  • Communication About Patient Information
  • Communication Openness
  • Staffing, Work Pressure, and Pace
  • Teamwork
  • Staff Training
  • Organizational Learning – Continuous Improvement
  • Response to Mistakes
  • Management Support for Patient Safety
  • Near-Miss Documentation
  • Overall Rating
  • Communication in the Surgery/Procedure Room
  • Open Comment

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