The Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and System (CAHPS) for MIPS survey was developed by CMS to measure a patient’s experience and care within a clinician group.  The survey is mailed with follow-up phone calls to non-responders.

The CAHPS for MIPS survey is optional for groups with 2 or more eligible clinicians who provide primary care services. CMS identifies eligible participants from a pool of Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) beneficiaries assigned to the group. Groups that do not meet the minimum sample size cannot administer the CAHPS for MIPS survey.

The data collected on these surveys is submitted on behalf of the group by a CMS-approved CAHPS for MIPS survey vendor, like SPH Analytics. CMS-approved survey vendors have demonstrated the facilities, project experience, and staff expertise required to conduct the CAHPS for MIPS survey administration, complying with the survey procedures and timeline.  As an approved vendor, SPH has also satisfactorily completed CMS training and submitted a Quality Assurance Plan.

Groups must register online through the MIPS Registration System to participate in CAHPS for MIPS.[/one_second]

Boost MIPS Performance Category

The CAHPS for MIPS Survey can count towards either (but not both):

  • A high-priority patient experience measure in the MIPS Quality performance category, or
  • A high-weighted activity in the MIPS Improvement Activities performance category

The CG CAHPS Survey or other Patient Surveys can also count as a high-weighted Improvement Activity.

CAHPS® is a registered trademark of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

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