SPH Analytics is proud to support endoscopy professionals with our Endoscopy Patient Experience Survey. Our standard survey monitors practice processes to provide quick analysis of identified measures critical to process improvement, quality of care, and financial success.

SPH Analytics understands the unique requirements of an endoscopy center. The SPHA Endoscopy Patient Experience Survey benchmarks your facility against national metrics for similar facilities while allowing customization to reflect quality and safety concerns specific to your practice.

Endoscopy Patient Experience Surveys identify:

  • Patient satisfaction with endoscopy center
  • Comfort level during visit
  • Effectiveness of communication
  • Performance gaps that impact reimbursement

Endoscopy Patient Experience Surveys are not only a best practice, but demonstrate your commitment to continuous quality improvement. Rapid identification of problems can streamline the resolution process. In the changing healthcare environment, Endoscopy Patient Experience Surveys can help endoscopy centers understand their patient experience while maintaining focus on providing quality care.

SPHA’s ability to measure practice performance using easy-to-understand analysis empowers you to take action to improve performance and patient satisfaction.

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For more than three decades, SPH Analytics has helped healthcare organizations improve the experience and engagement of their patients and members. Let us bring our unique expertise and analytical and predictive approach to your organization’s challenges.

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