Connect with Members and Patients on Their Terms

Targeted patient and member outreach and engagement can have a significant impact on the quality of care, improved health outcomes, informed decision making, reduced health costs, and improved satisfaction and scores.  SPH Analytics’ Omnichannel Outreach solutions empower healthcare organizations with the ability to connect with patients and members through multiple modalities, including email, text, live call, IVR, and mail. A personalized, targeted approach for maximum impact.

SPH’s Omnichannel Outreach services include:

  • Assist members with appointment scheduling for vaccines and other important care
  • Remind members about preventive care to close their specific care gaps
  • Perform medication adherence outreach
  • Provide healthcare education

Connecting with members and patients on their terms creates the greatest opportunity for healthy actions.

By utilizing members’ preferred communication channels and targeted messaging, SPH maximizes your organization’s engagement goals.