SPH Analytics’ Discharge Phone Calls can reduce your organization’s readmission rates and improve patient satisfaction and loyalty.

The days following discharge can have a significant impact on your patients’ understanding and compliance, readmission status, and overall satisfaction. Our professional call center, comprised of professionally trained staff members, will contact your patients during this critical care transition period following discharge to ensure understanding, identify concerns, and promote recovery.

We become an extension of your organization, demonstrating your care and commitment to the health of your patients.

Studies have shown that patients who receive a personal call after an inpatient stay or emergency department visit are more likely to understand and adhere to post-discharge instructions, reducing the likelihood and added financial costs of 30-day readmissions. Additionally, patients who receive a post-discharge phone call are more likely to be satisfied with their patient experience.

Discharge Calls Convey Your Commitment Patient Care

Patient leaving healthcare facility in wheelchair. He is a possible OAS CAHPS respondent.

SPH  conducts Discharge Phone Calls to patients on behalf of your organization within 48 to 72 hours following discharge. This outreach can target the needs of each patient based on their inpatient stay or emergency department (ED) visit.

  • Highly-trained, onsite call center agents conduct personal phone outreach to your patients within 48 to 72 hours following discharge
  • Reconfirm understanding of discharge instructions to reduce patient errors
  • Customize questions, notification alerts, and follow-up communications
  • Identify patient challenges and concerns

Valuable Feedback to Manage and Improve Patient Care

Our professional and courteous call center agents engage patients and convey your care and appreciation while focusing on the patient’s concerns and understanding.

  • Gauge patient and caregiver’s ability to follow post-discharge instructions
  • Identify patterned concerns for enhanced service recovery and process improvement
  • Capture positive feedback about staff and physicians for rewards and recognition programs
  • Pinpoint concerns that prevent proper post-follow-up care and increase the likelihood of readmission

Improve Patient Recovery and Satisfaction

The post-discharge outreach facilitates next steps for newly discharged patients. SPH provides personal outreach to help improve patient recovery and satisfaction.

  • Verify patient’s understanding of prescribed treatments and medications
  • Escalate situations that require additional medical attention
  • Provide resources for patients who have challenges to proper post-discharge care
  • Reduce patient and family anxiety and create a lasting positive impression

The Result

SPH’s Discharge Phone Calls demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your patients while reducing 30-day readmission rates. Through our timely personal contact, SPH helps promote your organization’s positive image, improve the quality of care, and prevent costly readmissions.

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