SPH Analytics’ Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Surveys are designed to identify new member health risk status and to expedite effective healthcare management or wellness initiatives. Our professionally trained agents gather specific and comprehensive health information to help you determine the appropriate follow-up needs of your members which may ultimately minimize risk.

HRA Solution

Health plans and governing bodies at both the state level and by CMS recognize the importance of Health Risk Assessments (HRA). SPH’s HRA Surveys support compliance requirements of SNPs and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). And results from your HRA survey can help put your plan in a position to stay ahead of claims data for improved HEDIS measure tracking.

An SPH HRA survey can:

  • Gather key health information from new and current members
  • Assess their health risk based on that information, identifying those with higher risk
  • Inform the plan on where to best focus its resources and services to its members
  • Help meet CMS and state-specific regulatory requirements
  • Engage members to better understand their own health and future health risks
  • Provide personalized feedback to members including tips and resources
  • Help motivate members to act on their own to improve their health

You Can’t Solve What You Don’t Know

SPH Analytics utilizes a systematic approach to collect data to identify risk factors, provide individualized feedback and estimate the level of health risk.

Additional outreach support includes:

  • Helping members choose a PCP or schedule an appointment
  • Warm transfer of members to plan representatives when needed or requested based on your guidelines
  • IVR reminders or updates

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For more than three decades, SPH Analytics has helped healthcare organizations improve the experience and engagement of their patients and members. Let us bring our unique expertise and analytical and predictive approach to your organization’s challenges.

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