M edication adherence plays an integral role in reducing the overall cost of care, improving clinical outcomes, and improving CMS Star Ratings. Rx non-adherence is particularly concerning, from a clinical perspective, for those on “specialty medications” for chronic or high risk diseases or conditions. SPH Analytics medication adherence campaigns target those chronic conditions and out-of- compliance members with a personalized and effective approach.

Rx Adherence Monitoring and Outreach

Even the best healthcare and prescription medications can be rendered ineffective if medications are not taken as prescribed. Rx non-adherence is a major health issue contributing to negative health outcomes, an increase in urgent care visits, and ultimately healthcare spending. CMS and healthcare stakeholders understand the importance of adherence but struggle to ensure patient compliance.

Strategic Solutions to Improve Rx Adherence Outcomes

SPH Analytics provides the needed resources, support tools, and proven expertise to administer effective Rx outreach programs to include:

  • A proactive, preventive reminder to avoid member non-adherence
  • Personalized follow-up calls to determine root causes and identify reasons for non-adherence
  • Customized approach to inform, educate, and assist members with Rx adherence challenges
  • Improved member compliance and satisfaction, increased member engagement, and improved health
  • The opportunity to improve your Medicare CAHPS and CMS Star Rating outcomes

Customized Member Engagement and Outreach Support

  • Personalized approach to improving medication adherence and overall member satisfaction
  • Improved Medicare CAHPS and CMS Star Ratings through increased medication adherence
  • On-site call center with advanced systems and technology and a full-service mail distribution center to support mail outreach
  • The resources and support you need to ensure effective outreach and member engagement

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