SPH Analytics’ New Member Welcome Calls are designed to create a positive first impression while building member satisfaction and loyalty during the critical new member enrollment period. In addition, we can help educate new members and provide information about plan benefits and wellness programs. Research has shown that members who understand their plan design, options, and coverage, give higher satisfaction ratings with the health plan.

Smiling lady receiving new member welcome call from health plan and SPH AnalyticsSPH offers a number of New Member Welcome Survey modules to help ensure your members are informed, receive a warm welcome from the plan, and understand their coverage.

We have the experience and expertise to successfully manage these outreach programs for you while also obtaining valuable new patient information and assessments. SPH’s New Member Welcome Calls can help you meet state or other mandated requirements, obtain additional information, and conduct health risk assessments so members receive needed care.

Welcome calls are conducted from our onsite healthcare call center by experienced agents specifically trained on new member protocol. You can be confident that your members receive a warm welcome and positive first impression from our courteous staff.

Welcome All New Members and Provide Important Plan Information

SPH Analytics can deliver a welcoming message to each new member and provide relevant health plan information to ensure member understanding and satisfaction.

Timely Follow Up

SPH Analytics can provide daily feedback to you for specific responses that require timely follow up, such as members needing additional assistance, lost ID cards or other deliverables, and other necessary information.

Build Member Satisfaction and Loyalty

The most successful plans continually engage their members, track satisfaction and understanding, and use this information to make improvements to their collateral, plan design, and customer service. We provide comprehensive feedback to help you understand and respond to the needs of your members.

First Impressions Have Long-Term Impact on Member Satisfaction and Loyalty

Create a positive first impression with SPH’s new member welcome calls and surveys with:

  • New member health risk assessments
  • Experienced English/ Bilingual agents
  • Welcome new members and provide timely information and assistance
  • Call monitoring for quality assurance
  • Call recording capabilities
  • Build member satisfaction and loyalty
  • Survey and reporting options to fit your needs and budget

Contact us today discuss how SPH can help you build long-term member satisfaction and loyalty with new member welcome calls.

For more than three decades, SPH Analytics has helped healthcare organizations improve the experience and engagement of their patients and members. Let us bring our unique expertise and analytical and predictive approach to your organization’s challenges.