T he health plan’s retention and renewal period is an important initiative for effectively promoting the plan and prompting re-enrollment as well as gathering insightful feedback. SPH Analytics’ Retention and Renewal Outreach Program helps eliminate some of the guesswork while supporting your efforts to retain current members.

SPH has designed an effective retention and renewal program to address key themes and/or needed feedback including the ability to:

  • Determine intent to re-enroll: Remind the member about the need to confirm re-enrollment and probe reasons for those not intending to re-enroll.
  • Gauge member perception: Ask questions to determine member satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Update member information: Ensure member information in your database is up to date. Don’t forget email!
  • Verify member’s PCP: Ensure that your members have selected a PCP. SPH can facilitate helping members select a doctor.

We can also work with you to develop a customized outreach plan based on your organization’s goals.

SPH’s full-service facility provides scalable solutions with IVR, Live Agent, Email and/or Mail.

Making the Connection with SPH

SPH gives healthcare organizations the ability to connect with patients, members, and physicians through multiple modalities to:

  • Measure experiences and perceptions
  • Analyze results
  • Provide targeted action plans for improvement

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For more than three decades, SPH Analytics has helped healthcare organizations improve the experience and engagement of their patients and members. Let us bring our unique expertise and analytical and predictive approach to your organization’s challenges.