The Myers Group is excited to announce that we are joining forces with Symphony Performance Health to become SPH Analytics.

Combining Strengths to Improve the Quality of Healthcare

This is exciting news for The Myers Group and our clients.  With population health and patient experience so fundamentally integrated, combining our strengths addresses an important need in the healthcare market.

The Myers Group is a leader in healthcare surveys and member engagement, providing reliable feedback from the patient and member’s perspective.  Symphony Performance Health delivers powerful analysis that enables healthcare organizations to identify and measurably improve their top challenges directly tied to member/patient feedback and perception.  The combination of these two strengths gives our clients the ability to improve the quality of healthcare in a very significant and meaningful way.

About Symphony Performance Health

Symphony Performance Health is known for providing powerful data, applications, analysis, and consulting that enables healthcare organizations to rapidly gain insights into their patient populations to make targeted improvements.

The company delivers solutions to enhance the patient care experience, improve population health, and reduce the overall cost of care.

Additional Value and Enhanced Capabilities 

Clients will continue to receive the quality and guidance they have come to expect from The Myers Group, as well as the advanced analysis and automation capabilities of Symphony Performance Health.

The unique strengths of each company combine to create a powerful resource for healthcare organizations seeking to obtain highly actionable insights and improve performance.

Going Forward and Combining Strengths

The Myers Group and Symphony Performance Health will immediately begin offering our collective products and service offerings under SPH Analytics.

We look forward to providing healthcare organizations with even greater service, additional options, and significantly added value.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about our complete solutions package with SPH Analytics.


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