– Analytic tool, MDinsight, earns improved pre-validation to provide clients higher PCMH scoring in new platform update –

Alpharetta, GA—SPH Analytics has increased the number of auto-credits Patient-Centered Medical Homes earn when using MDinsight 7.0, the action analytics leader’s comprehensive population health tool. Using MDinsight 7.0 (MDI), providers will automatically earn a minimum of 10.00 points and up to 11.775 points towards the PCMH 2014 scoring. MDI provides auto-credits and/or practice support for 5 of the 6 PCMH standards, allowing clients to earn as many as 24.775 credits overall.

NCQA updated the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition program to align with the Meaningful Use Modified Stage 2 Final Rule which was released in October 2015. NCQA created the PCMH program to coordinate care between care providers for improved quality of healthcare and access to services. PCMH recognition is a 3-tiered system that spans between 35 points for level 1 recognition to 100 points for best-performance with level 3 recognition. MDI earns providers 18 auto-credit factors and 23 practice support factors for a minimum of 10.00 auto-credit points towards recognition. These auto-credits allow clients to reduce the amount of resources required to submit documentation to support PCMH validation and earned recognition.

Dr. Bill O’Connor, Chief Medical Officer of SPH Analytics said, “MDinsight is an industry-leading tool that gives practices unique ability to manage the care of their population. We have worked hard to include as many value-adds to the software as possible so that doctors can efficiently take action to provide better outcomes. We are proud our clients are able to make significant progress towards PCMH recognition using MDI 7.0.”

The PCMH program includes 6 standards that have must-pass elements. MDI users can generate and submit the data needed to satisfy the must-pass elements of the Care Management and Support standard. The must-pass factor in the Population Health Management standard is automatically earned by MDI users.

Each recognition program lasts 3 years. SPHA will continue to work closely with NCQA to ensure that MDI continues to meet PCMH requirements as the new program rolls out in 2017. 

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